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Drunken tower jenga drinking game four shot glasses and jenga blocks

Drunken Tower Jenga Game

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Remember the classic Jenga game you played as a kid? Well here is the even more fun, drinking version of the same game.

Here is what you do - build the tower by stacking the wooden blocks and then take turns at pulling out blocks one at a time without the tower crashing down. The hilarious drinking actions printed on some of the blocks make this game even more fun with drinking shots of alcohol along the way. Movements will be definitely getting less precise as you move along.

Drunken Jenga Tower is a great ice breaker for a party and a fun addition to your party drinking games. Great to use at a bachelor / bachelorette party or your next girlie sleepover.

Size: 20 cm x 19 cm x 7.3 cm (H x L x W)